Check Your Coolant Regularly!

The coolant level in your vehicle shouldn’t change unless there’s a leak somewhere. And if there is a leak, it’s much better discovered early and at home, rather than in the outside lane of a motorway when the engine overheats. It’s important to check engine coolant level regularly – weekly if possible – it’s not hard to do. Overheating can cause real damage to your car’s engine. The coolant must contain the correct concentration of anti-freeze as well, not just for winter protection but for all year round protection against corrosion and scale build-up which can reduce the efficiency of the cooling system. The car’s radiator is fitted with an ‘expansion tank’ that allows the coolant to expand under rising pressure and temperature. This is usually clear plastic so you can see the level inside, and marked with maximum and minimum level marks. If you’re topping up the coolant level it’s essential that you identify the expansion tank correctly  so check the vehicle handbook for the location of the coolant filler cap, and follow any vehicle-specific advice given. Only check the coolant level when the engine is cold – it should be between the maximum and minimum level marks. Check regularly and look out for wet or white staining on coolant hoses. Refer to the handbook to make sure you use the correct type of antifreeze and follow the correct procedure. Don’t remove the coolant filler cap unless the engine is cold – the system is pressurised and you risk a face-full of scalding hot water if you release it with the engine hot. If the level drops in a modern car’s sealed cooling system the coolant must be escaping from somewhere – get a garage to investigate as this can be quite a serious problem causing issues with heat distortion in the cylinder head which can lead to an expensive repair bill!! If you have any concerns with lose of coolant then book in with us here at AE Services in Sutton for a complete diagnostic report. The sooner you get the car looked at the better. For more information go to


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