Common MOT Failures

Time for your MOT? Here are a few things you can check before you take your car to the garage for a MOT. All external vehicle road lights must be in working order, even the number plate bulbs will fail if not working! If your tyres are below 1.6mm on the tread this is a MOTfail, the spare tyre is not checked. Check your screen wash level & your wiper blades, they must clean your windows properly, if you’ve got the bonnet open, then it closes & locks that’s another check done as these are MOTfailures too! There are certain dash lights that will fail the MOT, these are Airbag Light, Amber Brake Light, ABS & ESP Light. Are all of the seat belts working? Pull them out & plug them in, if they do not click in & stay then this will fail the MOT. Check all doors open and close as this is an important safety issue & will fail the MOT! Honk your horn, if it’s working great, if not that’s a failure! The emission test is to check the gasses coming out of the exhaust these can be affected by poor vehicle maintenance, sensor malfunction or a hole in the exhaust, all of which can be repaired at our garage AE Services in Sutton. A few things you can’t check on your vehicle that can fail during a MOT: Steering arm, track rod ends, wishbones, tie rods, CV gaiters, CV joints, shocks, road springs, drop links, D rubbers, ball joints fueling system, brakes, chassis corrosion, head light aim, severe dangerous oil leak. If you MOT fails we can carry out the repairs need to pass your MOT and this can be done on the same day. Don’t worry, If you feel you are not confident in checking these yourself you can get them checked with our garage if requested before your MOT is due. At our garage in Sutton we offer a FREE text or email MOT reminder service.

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