Don’t Ask the Family! Ask Us!

Running a car, any car, is not cheap. These days cars are fairly complex too, so the days of ‘do it yourself’ car repairs have perhaps lost the appeal they once had. There are still some car enthusiasts who will have a go at pretty much any job but most of us shy away at the prospect. Nevertheless, if you have some mechanical know how it can save you money so maybe it is worth a shot, or you could ask the family, but is this a good idea? Many of us will have a family member or friend who thinks that they know a thing or two about cars. The danger is, no matter how good their intentions are their ‘help’ could end up costing you more. Motorists  pay out an estimated three hundred million pounds a year after being forced to enlist the services of a professional to put things right. The maintenance blunders, made by well-meaning amateurs, range from simple mistakes involving car batteries, to more serious errors such as using the wrong oil or messing with the electrics or engine parts. Even if all goes well there’s another problem. Many of us will feel obliged to return the favour or at least feel indebted to the person who helped them. This means that we have to return that kindness. Who knows where that could lead? When it comes to car maintenance, it is best to get it right. If you cannot do it yourself or feel that the job is beyond you then leave it to the professionals. It will cost more but what price do you put on peace of mind and the knowledge that your vehicle is safe for you and other drivers around you. Here at AE Services in Sutton we pride ourselves in offering honest, affordable servicing and repairs on all makes and models of vehicle. Go to for more details.

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