End of the Road!

Unfortunately in some cases when a vehicle fails its MOT and the cost of repairing it out ways the value of the car the only option is to scrap it! Excess corrosion that cannot be repaired, too many parts need replacing,  this can be the case with vehicles that are 10 years old or more and for most of us it is just not worth spending hundreds of pounds especially if there is going to be more problems later on! One of the reasons we stress on the importance of regular servicing and maintenance is so that we can in some cases stop a problem from getting too serious so as to prevent it from becoming either too costly or beyond repair. It is vital that you stick to the manufactures guidelines when it comes to the maintenance of any vehicle as these are there to follow and not just look at! You put fuel into your car so you can get around, without it your car isn’t going anywhere, it’s the same for all parts in the car, engine oil, needed for the lubrication of the engine. The engine contains multiple moving components made from metal which require lubricating to maintain smooth motion. Suspension, with the current road surfaces as bad as they are damage is caused to the various suspension parts and these do need replacing possibly more than once during the lifetime of the vehicle. If the vehicle is neglected then it is not going to preform properly and damage to one part can lead to damage to others. If you find yourself with no other alternative than to scrap your vehicle as sad as it might be it is not a difficult thing to do, there are various companies online that will come and take your car for you and usually you will get scrap value for it.

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