Engine Oil Part 2

An engine flush can clear out those deposits to open narrow oil passages clogged by gunk that’s been floating around in the oil. Releasing those deposits and allowing the oil to flow freely saves wear and tear on the engine and keeps parts moving as they should. While most cars that are driven and maintained regularly don’t need an engine flush, there are a few cases where doing an engine flush may help. If you just bought an older used car for a great price but it didn’t come with any maintenance records; an engine flush followed by an oil service might save you a headache later. If your car had any engine work done, an engine flush could wash away leftover particulates before adding new oil. Cars with a long interval between oil changes or you know the service record of this car, and you know the owner rarely changed the oil if ever, then there’s almost certainly going to be a build-up in the engine, since dirty oil only gets dirtier. An engine flush could give the car a longer life. That’s why these services are often performed together: First the flush to get rid of old oil deposits, then the new oil to keep the engine in tip-top shape. Without the engine flush, the new oil will just pick up the old deposits and sludge and keep them circulating through the engine. Soon enough, the new oil is just as dirty as the old oil. An engine flush can help you go longer between oil changes, especially if the maintenance on the car hasn’t been perfect. Most oil filters remove most dirt particles but some will always get through the system. And even tiny little bits like that can cause wear over time. They can also band together to create sludge and deposits. If these particles become excessive, clean oil alone can’t flush them out, but the chemicals used in an engine flush can, stopping any further wear and giving the new oil a chance to do its job properly. So if in any doubt, book your vehicle in now at AE Services in Sutton.

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