Get Set For Summer

With summer nearly upon us, now is the perfect time to make sure your car is in tip top condition following the wet and cold winter weather. All vehicles are put under immense pressure during the winter. We have the heating on full blast and the window wipers have never been so active. The extreme low temperatures play havoc on the battery causing us never ending starting issues and I’m sure some of you have had the battery replaced! Here at AE Services we recommend that all of the following: Horn, battery, fluid levels including coolant, screen wash, tyre pressure and treads, steering and engine oil, steering movement, brake pads and discs, wiper blades, engine drive belt and exhaust are inspected for signs of wear, corrosion and performance. If you are planning any long driving trips away this summer it is good practice to make sure your vehicle is in a roadworthy condition so that you, your family and other road users are safe. If you feel your vehicle could do with a once over call us now to book an appointment and be sure to know that your vehicle is in safe hands with us at AE Services in Sutton. Go to for more information.


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