Help, I’ve Put Petrol in My Diesel Car! Fuel Contamination

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare putting the wrong fuel into their vehicle and its only diesel fuelled cars that this can be done to (putting petrol into a diesel vehicle) as the diesel fuel nozzle is bigger than the petrol fuel nozzle which means it will not fit into a petrol tank filling hole. Don’t panic if you find yourself in this situation as it is something that can be sorted out here at AE Services in Sutton. Do not drive your vehicle!! The process for correcting Fuel Contamination is not as straight forward as you might think. It can take around three to four hours and unfortunately can be quite costly. The fuel needs to be drained from the tank first, then providing the vehicle has not been driven the fuelling system is then cleaned out with various additives to ensure that no other fuelling components are contaminated. The engineer will then put fuel into the vehicle and turn the car on to make sure it is running correctly. If you have started your vehicle and driven it (the car will not run smoothly with the incorrect fuel) then it could mean that other fuelling components might be contaminated. If this is the case then the fuel filter will need to be replaced. Other contaminated components which will need cleaning or replacing are the fuel injectors, fuel pump, fuel lines and the fuel tank. Here at AE Services in Sutton we strive on keeping costs as low as possible and our engineers will try where possible to clean and save parts rather than replace them.

33 thoughts on “Help, I’ve Put Petrol in My Diesel Car! Fuel Contamination

    1. Hi, believe it or not it is such an easy thing to do and happens more often than you think. Putting petrol into a diesle car can be rectified. Not the end of the world but it will seem like that to you!! It is unfortunately going to cost you more than a full tank of petrol to put right and can take around 1-2 hours for the job to be done. Let’s just say you won’t be doing that again in a hurry!

  1. Great information, reading this has definitely opened my eyes up to the possible chance of putting petrol into me diesel car. That won’t be happening now I’ve read this post!

  2. I’ve done this myself, could have kicked myself when I realised what I’d done. Good job I’m already a customer at AE Services so I knew they could help me, they were able to sort it out the same day. It takes a while and it cost more than a full tank of petrol to get sorted but that’s the price you pay for lack of concentration but I live locally so I walked home and waited. Won’t be doing that again in a hurry!!

  3. I always read these bloggs, makes you think about things you wouldn’t think about normally. It’s definitely made me aware that regular servicing and maintenance on my car is vital! I can’t afford to get a new car so I need to make sure the one I’ve got is looked after.

  4. Thanks for the information, easy to read and understand. I have read all of the bloggs so I will be keeping and eye on my car checking the levels regularly from now on and if anything seems out of sorts I’ll be booking in with AE Services.

  5. As a customer of AE Services I have had my car serviced with them for many years and will only take it to them. I value the information they give me and it’s always worth reading these blogs to give you some idea of what owning a car is all about.

  6. Always a good read, the blogs are informative and make you realise that its easy to put the wrong fuel in your car without realising. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes open.

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