January Driving

With the current weather conditions as they are and reports of the continued rain and strong winds it has made travelling difficult for those of you who use public transport with a lot of delays and cancelled trains some  of you are lucky enough to be able to work from home but some people are having  to using their cars to get to work so it’s even more important for you to make sure your car is in a roadworthy condition before driving in these weather conditions! At AE Services in Sutton we are offering a fantastic service deal package. A full vehicle service and MOT from £149.99+vat. Check out our website @ www.autoexpressservice.com to see what is included in this deal and also a full service schedule sheet. You will also find all of our current offers and a little bit about us. It is important that you have your vehicle maintained regularly so you have peace of mind when driving around during these extreme weather conditions. All the tyres are checked to make sure they are in good condition, have enough tread on them and are at the correct pressure as they are a vital safety feature as is the braking system which also gets checked during a service. If you do not use your car to commute regularly then it is vital to make sure it is roadworthy as it is when cars are not used that things can also go wrong or will need attention. Book your car in now with us at AE Services in Sutton and we will make sure your car is good to go!

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