Keeping Warm This Winter! In Car Heating Problems.

There’s nothing worse than getting into a cold car in the morning except getting into a cold car without heating!! It’s quite common for older vehicles to experience issues with the heating but it’s easily fixed here at AE Services in Sutton. A car’s heater simply circulates some of the hot coolant from the engine through a device that looks like a small radiator and then blows the resulting warm air to heat the interior of the car. A low coolant level, often due to a leak or weak radiator cap, may be the culprit, but it may also be the result of not getting the cooling system completely filled. The main parts of car’s heater are the heater core (radiator), blower motor (fan), and hoses. Some of the components that can cause your vehicle to have poor or no heating are, blown fuses, poor wiring connections, heater relay malfunction, heater resister burn out and a faulty thermostat. Repairing any part on any vehicle can a trying time and costly for some people but all vehicles at one time or another through wear and tear or possible faulty parts will need replacing. If you are experiencing any issues with the heating in your car then call  AE Services in Sutton and book your car in for a diagnostic check and receive a full report and breakdown of repair costs.

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  1. This happened to me once and it’s horrible driving a car with no heating. AE Services managed to fix it and now it’s lovely and warm in my car. I think these blogs are great as reminders that things do go wrong but are easily fixed.

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