Originally called the ‘Ministry of Transport’ test, it’s now just an MOT. Either way, it’s a safety and legal requirement for cars, motorbikes or any other vehicle.The test information is held on a central database as well as on a paper certificate. It’s the owner’s responsibility to ensure their vehicle’s certificate is valid. You need a test when the car’s three years old (four years in NI), then yearly after that. It is advisable not to wait until the day before the MOT expires to get the vehicle tested, get a test in the month before the current certificate ends and the new one will expire exactly a year from the original’s end date (the earliest date you can do this is printed on your test certificate). But get it tested more than a month before the MOT‘s due and it’ll expire exactly a year later, meaning you lose out. Here at AE Services we will send you an email or text reminder for free. If your car’s out of certification, you can drive it to the test centre provided the test’s been booked. If it’s failed the test, then to get the problems fixed you’re allowed to go from the test station to a repair centre. Here at AE Services in Sutton we can carry out all repair work on site so you don’t have the added hassle of trying to find another garage to carry out any work if needed. MOT stations can only charge up to the official maximum for an MOT. The maximum test costs are £54.85 for class 4 vehicles up to 3000 kg and £58.60 for class 7 vehicles from 3000 kg to 3500 kg, AE Services charge £40.00 for class 4 MOT’s and £45.00 for class 7 MOT’s.


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