That Mystery Noise Has Come Back Again!

It’s hard trying to find a reliable and trustworthy garage so when you do it pays to stick with it. Some people even become reliant on them, phoning up or visiting for every little issue. Here at AE Services in Sutton we have a great working relationship with all of our customers which have resulted in many recommendations. Our customers all receive a warm welcome and are relaxed and comfortable when coming here as we have struck up a good working relationship with them. Our customers know that they can call us or pass by at any time if they have a problem and need advice on the road worthiness of their vehicle but what if it is just an irritating vibration or squeak that’s driving you mad? All engineers hate these occasions and with good cause. Whilst they may well know all of the usual sounds that a car can make it is shockingly hard to diagnose the sound of a child’s welly or toy trapped in the corner of the boot well and that your vehicle will make the noise at the right time. Certainly, it will make it all the way to the garage but it will stop as you drive into the workshop. It will stubbornly refuse to show any sign of a problem until you get home. Then it all begins again. What is needed is a bit of time and perseverance. Spend time with your noise; grow to appreciate it. Crawl around the vehicle and try to isolate it. Does one action cause it and another doesn’t? Are you doing a particular function each time? More often than not the cause will come to light with just patience. After all, nobody wants to pay out a large sum to have an Action Man body part removed from behind the rear seat! Unfortunately it isn’t always as simple as a child’s toy rattling around in the boot and the annoying noise can be something more serious. Again some noises are not obvious on a visual inspection and it may be the beginning of something which will take time to wear to the point of being noticeable to an engineer. If that is the case it might mean driving around with a really annoying noise until it reaches the point of replacement. Here at AE Services in Sutton we will advise you as best we can on when to replace a worn part and will try to get you the maximum usage while still being safe on the road. Go to for more information.

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