The MOT (Ministry Of Transport) Test

You must keep any vehicles driven on the road in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. It isn’t the same as having your vehicle serviced and doesn’t check its general mechanical condition. You must get an MOT test every year once your vehicle is 3 years old. You can renew your MOT up to a month before it expires which is always advisable because this gives you plenty of time to get your vehicle ready for the MOT test. Here at AE Servicesin Sutton we recommend theservice and MOT deal as this will give your vehicle a full inspection so if any repair work needs to be carried out it can be done at the same time instead of having to re book the car back on another day. The earliest date you can get your vehicle tested is printed on the pass certificate. You need to use an approved MOT test centre to get your MOT. Only centres showing the blue sign with 3 white triangles can carry out your MOT. Approved centres must show an official ‘MOT Test Fees and Appeals’ poster on a public notice board on their premises. This must list contact details for your local VOSA area office. When a car is registered, taxed, insured and MOT’d the details are automatically updated on the DVLA computer system, if the MOT has expired you cannot drive your vehicle on the road, the details are then passed on to the ANRP of police cars and if stopped you will be issued with a fine and possibly penalty points on your licence, this includes 3 points for defective brakes, 3 points for defective tyres and 3 points for defective steering. You could be prosecuted if caught, the only exception is if you’ve already booked an MOT and are driving your vehicle to the test centre. Make sure you have the details of the garage with you just in case you get stopped by the police, as they may want to ring the garage to confirm the appointment. So if your MOT is due then call us here at AE Services in Sutton to book an appointment now!

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