Top Ten Vital Car Checks

Other than having your car maintained regularly at a garage, here are our top ten checks that you can do yourself.

Lights: Check all lights weekly including indicators fog and brake lights. During bad weather clean off any dirt with a damp cloth.

Steering: If you have power steering check the fluid reservoir once a month, if a top up is needed then make sure you check your hand book for the correct hydraulic fluid needed.

Screen Wash: Check the  screen wash at least once a week and if needed top up with an additive as well as water to help with cleaning and also to prevent the water from freezing during the colder months.

Wipers: Wiper blades will wear down over time so will need replacing about once a year.

Engine Oil: Check the engine oil level via the dipstick at least once every two weeks before long journeys and top up if necessary with the recommended engine oil for your car. It is recommended to follow manufacturers servicing schedule.

Tyres: It’s a good idea to know the correct tyre pressure for you tyres, over or under inflation can cause uneven wear and could result in replacement tyres being needed sooner. Check them every couple of weeks also check the condition of your tyres– don’t forget to check the spare as well.

Water: Check the level of the coolant regularly and top up if needed but only when the engine is cold. Antifreeze is used to help prevent the build-up of corrosion in the cooling system and helps to prevent the coolant freezing during the winter months.

Windscreen: Stone damage on the windscreen can impair road vision and can lead to a more serious crack which will mean windscreen replacement.

Bodywork: If dealt with quickly damaged bodywork can be repaired before rust sets in and this can spread quickly becoming expensive to repair.

Tool kit: Check you have a basic tool kit in your car this will contain a jack, wheel removal tools and locking wheel nut key if needed. Familiarise yourself with the jacking points on your car.

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