What To Do If You Get Stuck in the Snow?

We don’t get snow regularly in the south of England but when it does snow it brings the south to a standstill. If you get stuck in snow one way of trying to get free is to turn your wheels from side to side to push the snow out of the way, do not try to keep moving if the wheels spin it will only dig you in deeper. Use a shovel to clear snow out of the way of the wheels and pour cat litter, sand or gravel in front of the wheels to help get traction, shift from forward to reverse and back again. Give a light touch on the accelerator until the vehicle gets going. While it can be dangerous to spend hours in a cold car miles from anywhere it can happen so while you are waiting for a recovery, there are ways to avoid the worst effects of the cold. First of all, make sure you have packed your emergency snow kit. This should include warm clothing, some food, water and a mobile phone and charger this way you are able to alert a recovery company and a member of family so they know where you are. If you are trapped in your car, you can stay warm by running the engine as long as the fumes cannot get into the car as they are toxic. Stay warm, stay safe!

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