Why Is It Important To Service My Vehicle Regularly?

All vehicles come with a recommended service and maintenance schedule which should be carried out yearly or every 6 months depending on vehicle usage. We know that it is easily overlooked but it is vital that you keep this service record up to date to maintain the continued running of your vehicle and to prevent damage being caused by lack of maintenance. When inquiring about a service at any garage you should always make sure you know exactly what items are being replaced for the price you are given. Most garages do not include all of the items that we here at AE Services include. During a service at AE Services the following items will be replaced: engine oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, pollen filter, sump washer, if your vehicle runs on petrol then spark plugs will also be replaced. The vehicle will get a full body and engine inspection this includes a brake inspection which is a very important safety issue. Top ups on the screen wash, anti-freeze, gearbox oil (additional charge), power steering fluid (additional charge) and greasing of door hinges, locks and bonnet catches are also done during the service. Another important inspection carried out during the service is on the tyres to make sure the condition, tread and tyre pressure is correct. Here at AE Services we strive to offer the very best service not only on your vehicle but to you as a customer, so call us at AE Services in Sutton to book your vehicle in now!

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